How to buy?

Opensea marketplace / Minting


Pokecoin will be our 1st NFT collection.
In order to buy a Pokecoin, you will need to have MetaMask installed and set up (If you don't know what MetaMask is or how to install it, please visit this link for instructions). Then, you must visit Opensea marketplace here In order to buy, connect with your wallet and use the minting interface to select how many Pokecoins you want to get. Click the shiny mint button, approve the transaction on MetaMask and catch them NFT all into your wallet!


It will be our 2nd NFT collection.
Pokecard could not be obtained after 1st collection is released and fully sold out. The steps will be similar to buy a Pokecoin. In this case, the Pokecard will be obtained inside our website or on Opensea if some buyer puts it in sale.
Holders of Pokecoin will automatically receive a Pokecard NFT to get access to Pokeland play-to-earn game. For those who are not holders, will be an option to mint them on our website through different Poke items that will be determined soon. Furthermore, users who decide to sell its Pokecard will be able to put on sale in Opensea, where other users can purchase it as well.
Warning: Minting is the act of claiming ownership on a specific NFT for the very first time. The action of minting involves sending the correct amount of ETH to the NFT's “Smart Contract” (which you can think of as the registry for the specific NFT collection), the Smart Contract, in turn, will “mint” a new item in the collection and set the buyer's wallet address as the owner of that item.